We, the Board of Directors of the NorthWest Apple Pickers (NWAP), are very pleased to have you visit our web site. We hope that the information available on our public pages are informative and helpful. If you have a question about our club or information on our website, please use the “Contact Us” tab and send us a message.

by Peter Winderling
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Peter Winderling

Club Benefits

Information Devices, especially the Mac Platform of Computers, iPads, iPhones, and iPod/iPod Touch devices, can be a useful tool as well as loads of fun. But even Mac’s can be intimidating if you are new to computers or the Mac platform. This is why joining a User Group might be of benefit. Our User Group provides:

  • Meetings that are designed for the novice user … and the more experienced user.
  • Educational oportunities dealing with topics of interest to the membership
  • Networking with people of similar interest
  • Assistance from other Club Members
  • Join Up

    We would like to invite you to join our Club.  To do so, fill out the electronic Application form. You may bring the completed Application Form to one of our meetings. At this time we are not collecting any dues. When we have received your membership application form, we will send you a e-mail invitation which will allow you to access the members private areas on the Club’s web site.


    Generally, NWAP sponsors one meeting a month.
    • General Meeting/User Group -- normally in the afternoon of the first Sunday of the Month.
    For specific dates and locations of upcoming meetings, as well as the topics to be offered, see the information under the "Meetings" tab.